ShopWise a Shopping List App for Android Tablets


ShopWise is an Android Shopping List App, designed for 10” Tablets, with consideration for the less technically savvy user in mind. Although designed primarily for 10” tablets, ShopWise can be used on smaller tablets and even phones. However, the display size can then be difficult due to the reduction in size.

ShopWise is intended to, always be free, always be free from Advertising and always be free from your personal information being recorded and passed to other parties.

ShopWise is intended to offer functionality over display wizardry. ShopWise has no icons and bar click, long-clicks and scrolling lists, uses no gestures/ fancy finger-work.

The prime function of ShopWise is to present a Shopping List ordered by Shop, then Aisle (location within a Shop) and then Product.

ShopWise Features
  • CheckList for checking what you have ordered by Storage Location e.g. Pantry, Fridge etc.
  • Rules for adding to the Shopping List on a regular basis.
  • Rule Suggestion can suggest and add Rules based upon Shopping History.
  • Rule accuracy checking will show how accurate a rule compared with the Shopping History.
  • Backup and restore of the ShopWise data.

Getting the ShopWise App

The latest version, along with other versions is available from

Note! to install ShopWise you will need to allow installation from Unknown sourcces. ShopWise will also request that access be given to Photos, Media and Files (this is to allow ShopWise to backup and restore).

What Does ShopWise look like?

The gallery has a few screenshots taken from the GenyMotion emulator. Screenshots show, the Shopping List, Order (adhoc addition to the Shopping List, filtered with ox as the filter), Main Display (fully populated) and CheckList.




For more information pleae check out the ShopWise Forum.