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ShopWise Forum • The ShopWise App and example databases
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The ShopWise App and example databases

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:05 am
by Mike

The Latest ShopWise App.
Numerous ongoing changes including handling Android 9.0 (Pie) which introduced default of using WAL (write-ahead logging) (backup/restore correctly checkpoints if WAL is being used thus negating need to handle -wal and -shm files (which cause issues with many Apps)).
The latest change was the introduction of Shop-level values (total cost, remaining cost and amount spent) in the Shop heading.

Other versions of ShopWise
Changed accuracy bars to be displayed lower down in the list item rather than at the top for rule check option.
Changes to use Build Tools Version 26.0.2 from 26.0.0 and gradle version 3.0.0 from 2.3.3
Accumulation of fixes and changes:-
Implemented changes to pickdate (text sizing in date grid))
Targetting changed to target minSDK 14 up to 26.
Changed shoppinglidt ccity to use text_size_tiny rather than nothing.
Implemented bug fix for issue #117 DisplayHelp crashing on some devices due to casting to RelativeLayout instead of LinearLayout.
Reverted - Changed ShoppingList City to use text_size_tiny rather than nothing (unsure how this change was made but it shouldn't have been applied).

Changed Version Code from 6 to 7 changed version from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3.
This version implements Embedded Help for all Activities.
It is also fixes a few issues with input validation allowing values that could cause issues (e.g. Interval multiplier of 0 would cause endless loop).
Basically integer validation was extended to allow a range to be specified.
Modules, such as PickDate, were changed to use external source rather than an imported copy.
A new Module DisplayHelp has been created and added, this being the utilised for the embedded help.

This version fixes an issue when using the Rule Add/Edit Displays. The Shop Spinner (Drop Down Selector) was allowing Shops without Aisles to be selected. This was because the wrong method was being used getShops as opposed to getShopsWithAisles.
A spelling mistake was also spotted CANCE was changed to CANCEL.

Initial Production release
Initial test debug version. It is suggested that this is not used.

Installation Instructions
To install ShopWise
  • Ensure that your device allows installation from unknown devices by going into Settings and then Security and scrolling down to Unknown sources and enabling it.
  • Click on the respective link above (the assumption is that you are using the device).
  • Allow the download to proceed accepting/ignoring all warnings.
  • When prompted open the file and wait while the app installs (click Install if requested).
  • If prompted to allow access to photos media and files accept this (backup and restore accesses data (the backups) in the Downloads folder in a folder named ShopWise).
  • If desired, turn off installation from unknown sources via Setting/Security.
Note! ShopWise is also available on Google PlayStore ShopWise. Using This link to install ShopWise doesn't require allowing installation from unknown sources

Other ShopWise data (databases)
A ShopWise Backup
Backups by default are named as above, the numeric part is the year (2017), month(06), day of the month(22), hour(07), minutes(05).
This could be used by downloading it and then copying it into the ShopWise directory of the Downloads directory on the device.
It will then be visible, as an available backup, in the Restore dropdown selector (TOOLS/BACKUP).
It is suggested, before restoring from this backup (should you wish to do so) that you first backup your database (TOOLS/BACKUP then click BACKUP).

A ShopWise Database that was used for testing an issue.
To all intents and purposes this is a backup, which is a copy of the SQLite database file, other than it's name.
As such, this is could be used by ShopWise by placing it in the ShopWise directory of the Downloads folder and then renaming it accordingly e.g. rename it to ShopWiseDB_201706220000.bkp.

The Backup activity (TOOLS/BACKUP) is flexible enough to even see the un-renamed file (see the User Guide for more information)