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Welcome to ShopWise

Posted: Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:15 pm
by Mike
Hi, I'm Mike, the person responsible for ShopWise.

If you don't already know ShopWise is an Android App designed to make shopping a little easier. Once setup, it can help you to not forget what to get, it can speed up your shopping saving you time and it can also save you money.

If you have already started using ShopWise then I'd appreciate you registering.

ShopWise can result in:-
  • Fewer return trips to get those forgotten items; the CHECKLIST and RULES are the relevant prime features in this regard.
  • Less time and money spent Shopping, if you stick to the list you can skip aisles (locations) and also bypass many of the intentional distractions designed to get you to buy what you would otherwise not buy.
ShopWise's history goes back to the late 1990's and an MS Access based predecessor that churned out a printed ordered shopping list. ShopWise is very much based upon that. This is the first Android App that I have written.

My history, well I was born in the UK in the late 50's, yep around 60 candles on the cake and little in the way of lung power to extinguish them :). I started my working life as an apprentice Motor Vehicle Mechanic, moved to Car assembly, got into computers a little and managed to move into IT within the Car Assembly Company. I then worked in IT, primarily on Mainframes for many years. I'm now an unwilling house slave.

Your History, well I predict that you'll become an ardent user of ShopWise :).

Best Wishes, Mike.